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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Preview: Cloud Nothings - Turning On (due March 1, 2010)

#1. Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid/Morgan (MP3)

(Unsigned) (From Turning On, due March 1, 2010)

Chillwave/Indie Pop/Psychedelic

Cloud Nothings played their first show at the end of last year (around the beginning of December time I believe) with Woods at a headline Real Estate show in Brooklyn, and currently standing at 18/19 years of age its near impossible to deny they've got great things to come this summer, and most likely far beyond. Dylan Baldi and his live band make hazy Toro y Moi style chillwave with laid back psych-pop melodies and fuzzy lo-fi jams. Their nine-track debut Turning On drops March 1st via Group Tightener and accompanies the new 7" single Morgan, which you can hear on its premiere. They've got a bunch of upcoming shows with Beach Fossils, Abe Vigoda and Titus Andronicus to name but a few - and are soon heading out on a major US tour at the end of next month. Everything i've heard from the new album, and I mean everything, sounds fantastic - like the organic side of chillwave mixed against 60s inspired Beach Boys melody; in other words, a collection of pop influences from decades new and old, with all the sensibility of its pioneers, and all the naivety of its youthful following. Pick up the airy lead song Hey Cool Kid and the new single Morgan below - or buy the album even further down, via Speaker Tree Records.

Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid (MP3)
Cloud Nothings - Morgan (MP3)

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  1. Actually, the CD is available for $5 postage paid here along with many other great releases:


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