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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Saturdays = Listening To M83.

Recently i have fallen in love with M83. They combine electro indie with dream pop and shoegaze with fantastically original results. Saturdays = Youth is the perfect dance album to relax to, notably the epic eight and a half minute immersion of Couleurs. Other highlights include the brilliant We Own The Sky, mixing an addictive synthesized force of a melody with a spacey vocal chant of an outro. The general ambient feel to the tracks is similar to a synth-based My Bloody Valentine and a more drawn out version of the melodies of early Mercury Rev. However the result is something quite different, revolutionary, and ecletic. M83 will leave you on a cloud. Earlier album Before The Dawn Heals Us is also home to such gems as the darker Teen Angst. The band have, somewhat surprisingly in terms of genre, landed themselves a support slot with modern garage rockers Kings Of Leon on their UK tour, opening the doors for potentially a wider recognition here in the UK.


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