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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Introducing.. MiniBoone - Big Changes EP

(Rock/Indie Pop/Avant-Garde)

MiniBoone are a Brooklyn band who jumped out at me during my usual routine inbox sift a couple of weeks back with a friendly email (believe, me that's more than a lot of bands) and an enticing name drop of Phil Spector and Talking Heads. It was definitely this which led me to download their January 25th released EP 'Big Changes' which incidentally was out on Drug Front Records that very day. They play avant-garde indie pop music with a fairly standard set up, there's no synthesisers or crazy electronic sounds which accompany most of the bands i've introduced on here recently, instead MiniBoone work with guitar, bass, drums, keys with refreshing expertise. They are an incredibly tight band, who pack in not only a host of time and rhythm changes but also a great fun attitude, some really heartfelt delivery and Maccabees-esque instrumentals. 

I was directed by the band to their track Devil In Your Eyes, and cleared to post it, but now more than ever i urge you to get hold of the EP, because there's a lot more to this band than this single song. There's a lot of emotions and a lot of different moods, which the band schizophrenically cycle through from verse to verse, song to song, and section to section. A little bit of this seeps through on the lead track (listen at 1:03), where the upbeat and pop-ridden chorus subsides into an intense and far more serious second verse "I'm the friendly fire, i'm the one who sees the sickness in your eyes". You'll need to grab the EP to get the full gist of this, and i hope you do, but for now, enjoy the single available for download below.

MiniBoone - Devil In Your Eyes (MP3)

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