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Monday, 22 February 2010

3 More To Watch - The ABC Club, Rosie and Me, Hot Vamp Club

#1. The ABC Club 

File Next To - The Strokes, Little Joy,

In the same way their name takes the basics of education, The ABC Club take all the basic guitar pop elements and mould them down into an easygoing and quite clearly Strokes inspired collection of tracks. With crunchy guitar tones, punchy bass and incessant swirls of luxurious overdrive to lead, the dreary twee female vocal completes their youthful and naive sound. Simple bars of percussion begin single Thieving Magpie, before a jarring and jingling lead line exacerbates the mood into something vastly more upbeat in chorus. If you care to venture over to Highbury & Islington, the band are holding their Thieving Magpie single launch party at the Buffalo Bar this Thursday.

The ABC Club on Myspace.

Single Pre-order, via Rough Trade.

The ABC Club - Get Set Go (MP3)

#2. Rosie and Me (props to The Music Ninja)

File Next To - Kings Of Convenience, Emiliana Torrini, 6 Day Riot

Totally unbeknownst to me, Rosie and Me had been on my Itunes for months, and all it took was a quick post from The Music Ninja reminding me what I was missing out on for me to reconsider. Honestly, i can't believe these guys fell through the net. Rosie & Me are a Brazilian band firmly rooted in American/British folk music who's Bird And Whale EP has two lovely new tracks to offer. The first of these, Bonfires, strikes a dashing similarity to Kings Of Convenience's I Don't Know What I Can Save You in make-up, and even aside from the structural similary across the two songs, Kings of Convenience is probably the most accurate tonal comparison I can think of in terms of the guitar recording. As with any talent, there comes a point where you don't need to innovate groundbreaking new musical styles to make it huge. Rosanne Machado's voice, believe me, is more than adequate to satisfy the terms of my spontaneous musical thesis. She beautifully winds her words around the organic tones, and a maturity far beyond youthful appearances seeps out from every recording. Pick up two of the finest below.

Rosie and Me on Myspace.

Rosie and Me - Come Back (MP3)
Rosie and Me - Bonfires (MP3)

#3. Hot Vamp Club

File Next To - Magistrates, Good Shoes, Goodbooks

Bournemouth's music scene is hardly buzzing. It saddens me to say it, but i've seen perhaps two local bands which have impressed me in the last year or so. The first of these is an alternative grunge band by name of Deltorers, and the more recent wow comes from indie pop band Hot Vamp Club. They contacted me a couple of months back about doing a live review for them at local venue iBar, but on the night, due to a combination of last minute line up changes and the rest of the bands on that night being unbearable, i ended up missing out on what i hear was a fantastic show. But when i thought back to my promise of a live review, i decided that my arrival at the wrong time shouldn't stop a tight new band from being heard, so here they are. Hot Vamp Club formed in 2009, and with the hushed vocals of Darius Rodrigues and the soaring lead lines of guitarist Harry Martin heard on Track Thirty Six, it seems Hot Vamp fully deserve the attention they seem to be getting. They were introduced on Radio 1 last November and are playing a series of shows in London and Portsmouth, including this years Live & Unsigned competition. Hot Vamp Club are a nice listen, and even if they don't make it big, they're a friendly addition to anyone's itunes. Pick up two of the best below and expect to hear more news on this band from me as time ticks onwards.

Hot Vamp Club on Myspace.

Hot Vamp Club - Track Thirty Six (MP3)
Hot Vamp Club - White Sheets (MP3)

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