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Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Tunng Video, Bloc Party Remix + MP3 for 'Hustle'

Tunng - ..And Then We Saw Land
March 1, 2010
Full Time Hobby Records

Tunng's new album drops on March 1 (along with several other of my extreme anticipations - Frightened Rabbit/Ellie Goulding.. the list goes on), via Full Time Hobby Records, and as if to raise the hype amongst fans even further they've given us the video to the Hustle 7" single. After spending the past year on tour with Tinariwen, both a distinct African pop influence and selection of classic Tuareg licks show up heavily on this track - which takes a positive turn from the usual dark, introvertive folktronica arrangements of this British electro-folk collective. In fact, all of the new tracks seem to take a grander approach to Tunng's rigid sound, in particular the fingerpicked folk song-turned-stomping electric guitar anthem Don't Look Down Or Back. Hear for yourself below, or pick up the scatty new Bloc Party remix.

Tunng - Hustle (Radio Edit) (MP3) (from March 1, 2010's Don't Look Down Or Back)
Tunng - Hustle (Bloc Party Remix) (MP3) (taken down by under their TOS)

Buy ..And Then We Saw Land on

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