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Saturday, 20 February 2010

3 More To Watch - Islet, The Shimmer, Chapel Club

 picture courtesy of ShakerRecords

#1. Islet (Indie Rock/Math-Rock/Post-Punk)
The saying goes here as much as ever "you want what you can't have", and its definitely the curiousity described here that makes me as determined as ever to get hold of some online material about Islet, a band who's live show i've heard so much about. They've ended up gaining as much industry attention for their publicised 'shun' of the internet as they have for their music, exchanging their online promotion for wowing audiences in person. There's two main members and often two drummers to accompany, and although i've never had the pleasure of seeing them live - a couple of enthusiastic fans have gone about collecting all the information they can on this band @ Its on that blog that you're going to find about as much information as there is, including Islet's first ever BBC Cardiff session. The indie rock band includes members JT and Mark from Them Squirrels and Attack+Defend respectively, as well as Emma formerly from Victorian English Gentleman's Club.

#2. The Shimmer (Shoegaze/Psychedelic-Pop/Noise Pop)
London band The Shimmer make fast-paced dance/newgaze music with an Ian Curtis/MBV vocal dubbed low behind euphoric dance beats and a distinctively Dandy Warhols recording style. Ths result is a huge emalgamation of styles including psychedelia, dance, shoegaze and noise pop into music short, simple and extremely accessible. The Shimmer is a band you can put on in the background, on the dancefloor, in the car - anywhere. Pick up No Surprise At All below.

 The Shimmer - No Surprise At All (MP3)

#3. Chapel Club (Indie Rock/Alternative/Britrock)

Chapel Club are a post-punk band formed in 2008 in the shadow of St. Luke's Church, London. They sing songs of love, lust, anger and frustration beneath thunderous guitar work, intricate lead lines and reflective lyricism. "Oh Maybe I, should settle down into a quiet life, Or maybe I, should chance it all on a perfect night." They're currently unsigned, but with the clear echoes of contemporaries such as White Lies there to be heard within their music, its a matter of time, not a matter of further musical development, before these guys make it big to some degree. They've booked themselves up a huge UK Tour next month (match up your local venue via myspace) and currently have three tracks for streaming. You can pick up "O Maybe I" below.

Chapel Club - O Maybe I (MP3)

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