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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Introducing.. Golden Ages - Tradition (2010)

Golden Ages is the anonymous bedroom electronic music project of one man, a Philly native, who supposedly dubs himself creator of psychedelic pop, as arrogant as that may sound? But if you have time to have a listen to a few of his tracks (download below) you'll come to realise that whether he created psych-pop or not, you have a quite special guy on your hands. Merging luscious M83 style melodies and soundscapes with the looping, whirring and structurally challenging creativity of Fuck Buttons, Golden Ages is as much a part of the emerging dreamwave market as Toro y Moi or Gold Panda. He released his first EP Sitting Softly On The Sea in 2009, and its follow up Tradition, is out now at Itunes and Insound.

File Next To - Toro y Moi, Panda Bear, Gold Panda
Golden Ages - Everything Will Be Alright (MP3)
Golden Ages - Be Cool (MP3)

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