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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chillwave, free EPs from MEMORYHOUSE + MillionYoung.

If you're anything close to a regular reader of TMW, you're going to be pretty familiar with our obsession with the chillwave/dreamwave movement that has emerged out of dreampop and surf music in the last couple of years or so. A week doesn't go by recently without a mention of bands like Toro y Moi (who's Causers of This is getting oh so close!), Golden Ages, Washed Out and the like, and for this reason amongst others, we couldn't help but share with you a couple of great free EPs from the inbox which epitomise what both this movement, and our enthusiasm is rooted in.

The first of these digital releases is by MemoryHouse, a Canadian musical duo consisting of Denise Nouvion and Evan Abeele, who started recording songs in early 2009, inspired by wintry mornings and the nostalgic onset of the seasons. With incredible maturity they darken out the ethereal soundwaves they create into something both airy and not quite seperated from the abstract moods which waft through their lyrics and instrumentation. The result is dreamy, spaced out wash-pop reminiscent of the paradoxical musical consistencies of a revamped Mercury Rev or a decontextualised Washed Out. Timeless and trippy, they set out to disorientate - and the listener is brought sharply back down to earth with contemplative lyricism, put together throughout last summer under the tributary moniker of German Composer Max Richter's seminal work, MemoryHouse.

The second release i'd like to share with you is the work of Michael Diaz aka MillionYoung, who self-released his debut, the sun-drenched SunnDreamm EP in 2009 with the Pitchfork-featured track Weak Ends as single. His latest, the Be So True EP, follows suit in terms of sound and came out on January 19, 2010. Rather than singing about the seasons and emotional dwellings of the winter month's thoughts, MillionYoung seems a far more danceable character than the former; his remix of MemoryHouse transforms the ambient electronica arrangement into an ecstatic and pulsating dreampop/dance track, and you only have to take one look at his collection of upcoming shows to tell he's all for hipster dancefloor filling this summer. At times with vaguely Strokes-like vocal intensity, MillionYoung scatters dance beats amongst crispy acoustic recordings and hazily hypnotic samples. You can pick up his equally brilliant, if not better EP below, via his website.

And if full length EPs just aren't your thing, don't think we haven't catered for you. Pick up two MP3s and the remix below.

Download the SunnDreamm EP/Stream the Be So True EP via
MEMORYHOUSE - To The Lighthouse (MillionYoung remix) (MP3)
MEMORYHOUSE - Lately (Deuxieme) (MP3)
MillionYoung - Chlorophyll (MP3)


  1. Love this jazz! What would we do without a little chillwave in our lives?

  2. Million Young & Memory house live Mar 14 in Toronto

  3. That's pretty cool. Have you heard Kujo Boss?


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