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Monday, 27 July 2009

Magic Wands - Magic, Love and Dreams EP

Magic Wands are a new and heavily buzzed boy/girl due based just out of L.A. Their well-deserved rise to mainstream attention is being propelled almost exclusively by the force of their one part dream pop, one part blues rock single 'Black Magic'. This track is seriously addictive, with a luscious, bluesy, overdriven riff artists as diverse as White Stripes and Michael Jackson will be kicking themselves for not coming up with. Its clear from the outset why Magic Wands have already come straight off the back of US tour support slots with some of the biggest bands in the business - The Kills, The Raconteurs and The Horrors. Magic Wands sound like MGMT making music for a Quentin Tarantino movie, and they pull off their classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers and cut off jeans style in every sense, with the smooth vocals of Alison Mosshart's Kills placed between interludes of bluesy, turn of the century, garage rock revival.

Chris and Dexy Valentine
have been writing music since 2007, after their 2000 mile-apart phone conversations over that summer began to yield some results. Chris is from Nashville and Dexy from L.A, and although they spoke briefly at a show in L.A in 2006, they wouldn't speak again for an entire year. It was later on, when Chris, by coincidence, had been playing Dexy's song on repeat from myspace, that their contact would be reinstated.

They released their single 'Teenage Love' (watch the video above) for free on Valentine's day '08, and began to record songs for their EP and tour in summer of that year. The EP 'Magic, Love and Dreams', recorded in John Hill's (Lykke Li, Santigold) New York Studio, using Prince's drum machine, is living proof that Magic Wands were making My Bloody Valentine inspired music since well before the current shoegaze revival The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart appear to be spearheading.

The EP was released, after springtime touring with The Virgins and Black Kids, on July 6th on Bright Antenna (US, Japan) and Young and Lost Club in the UK, in anticipation of an album for September time. Warrior (in the video below) will be the next UK single, and is being offered as a free download upon buying the Magic, Love and Dreams EP on Itunes.

You can pick up a free download of 'Black Magic' below, or purchase the EP on Itunes.

Magic Wands - Black Magic

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