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Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Errors call themselves post-electro, and they certainly wouldn't be making any errors whatsoever in doing so. They mix clean, concise post-rock with bassy post-punk and a new rave electro sound not too far from Crystal Castles or The Whip. The result is a chrome finish of atmospheric electropop music, rattled with complex build-ups, Holy Fuck glitch drumming and electro-drones reminiscent of fellow Scots Meursault (original posts). The music is instrumental (as with a lot of post-rock), and clearcut, with every melody distinct and full.

Errors only formed off the back of a three-track demo recorded in member Simon Ward's bedroom in 2004, but were quickly taken under the wing of huge post-rock act Mogwai, and signed to the Rock Action label alongside Part Chimp.

You can check out their Live at sets here.

I have to say their date at the Talking Heads Southampton (15/4) is looking tempting, if i had the money..

Mr. Milk (mp3)
Salut! France (mp3)
Errors (Amazon)

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