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Friday, 13 March 2009

The Twilight Sad, Scottish singers and some epic newgazing.

I was sifting through my Itunes again recently, and came across a band which i used to listen to back in November, called the Twilight Sad. I believe i discovered them late summer 2008 after investigating further the top similar artist to a then favourite Frightened Rabbit. The main similarity they possess is the desperate Scottish accent which shines through their honest and emotion filled singing, although they depart from Frightened Rabbit, the unconventional folk pop band in a number of ways.
Ultimately, despite certain stereotypical, but not necessarily bad scottish indie rock (scottish music has always been one of my favourites) overtones, they are a shoegazing band. Supposedly The Twilight Sad spent two years perfecting their loud, semi-ambient effect encompassed by their combination of deep, swirling noise and raw folk psychedelia. They begin often in a catchy but reflective light, before either at a distinct point, or up a gradual slope, descending into loud folk shoegaze with a wide range of crashing folk percussion.
I own the album Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters, which with its rather pessimistic name, sums up well the kind of effect this album had on me. Rather than being an album i simply discarded and never heard again, as i'm sad to say I end up doing with many, the collection of tracks hit me hard enough that when i listened again i was vividly taken back in time to my first listen, and the profound effect opener 'Cold Days From The Birdhouse' dealt me. This track is the highlight, it's distant depression and openness, and it's stunning ambient outro is one of the best Scottish rock sections in music. I can't talk this track up enough.
Recently, the band have a new album, which i am yet to purchase called 'Killed My Parents And Hit The Road' and are spending their April in support of the brilliant and widely respected Mogwai. 2009 could potentially see bigger things for a band who, have spent 2006-7 and 8 building up to what should be a progression in terms of sound and composition.

Cold Days From The Birdhouse (mp3)

The Twilight Sad (Amazon)

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