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Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Big Pink

The Big Pink are a shoegaze/dance duo made up of Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell. Their My Bloody Valentine influenced fusion of dance rock, ambient noise and electronica shrouds each track in distinct late-80s/early-90s psychedelia. 'Too Young To Love' draws comparisons to School of Seven Bells with it's hard electronic beat keeping and tearing TV On The Radio-style ambient synthesizers. Vocals are dreary and almost inaudible, but consistently essential and perfectly fitted to the music. Single 'Velvet' and it's jarring synth riff mould into an ever expanding M83/MBV wall of sound effect and the one-chord progression technique builds the song up magnificently and hypnotically. They've gained appropriate Gang Gang Dance and Mount Kimbie remixes of this song, which are both equally as odd as each other.

Second single 'Stop The World' is more New Order than Spacemen 3 in introduction but nevertheless returns to it's Jesus & Mary Chain moulded roots once the song begins. Monotonous, trance-like vocals submerge into intermittent and sinister chord changes between each anthemic chorus. The Big Pink take their name from the first album of The Band, but out of the mix of folk and psychedelia Furze and Cordell very much focus on the latter.

If you haven't heard of Furze and Cordell before, what i am about to say might expose them as well within your scope. They have opened for Tv On The Radio and Crystal Castles, and Milo Cordell owns the label Merok, home of Klaxons, The Teenagers, Crystal Castles, Titus Andronicus and Telepathe. Cordell is also son of the 60s pop producer Denny Cordell who worked with J.J.Cale and Tom Petty in his early career. Lily Allen also chose Furze's 'shoulder to cry on' after her well-publicised split with Ed Chemical.

The Big Pink have got themselves dates at Glastonbury and Reading and are also playing Bestival in September. They are definitely on the list of bands I am attempting to see, playing the John Peel Stage at 1.00PM next Saturday.

The Big Pink - Too Young To Love
The Big Pink - Stop The World
The Big Pink - Velvet

The Big Pink, Amazon.

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