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Sunday, 14 June 2009

The XX

The XX have been firmly placed on my ones to watch list since they released debut single 7" 'Crystalised' in April, and since then they have been slowly but surely recording their self-produced debut album (as of yet untitled) in the offices of indie label XL's West London headquarters.

The music is reserved as is their live show, a low key mix of post-punk, indie pop and influences
as far ranging as Rn'B and early 80s gothic experimentalism. An air of fragility is ever-present, even throughout songs with structures closer to pop. The XX let their riffs and melodies speak for themselves, with VCR holding a riff and song structure not out of place on a Kills album, but an execution far from it.

Their 'calm before the storm' atmosphere doesn't stop after their own material either, they've added trip-hop influenced covers of Womack & Womack, as well as Aaliyah to their discography, leaving the originals unrecognisable and unsatisfying. Darker elements of The Velvet Underground are evident, as are portions of fellow post-punk contemporaries Crystal Stilts. A major influence is impossible to place, each listen of each song brings about a new genre comparison, whether this be early 00's garage rock, trip-hop, dance, indie pop, or post-punk. The XX have come up with the latest unique, addictive and quietly optimistic combination.

The XX - Teardrops (Womack & Womack Cover)
The XX - Crystalised
The XX - VCR

1 comment:

  1. i could not agree with you more. i have just come across the band, myself. i am completely in awe by their music capabilities and cannot wait for the album release.


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