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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Goldstein side project Arms left unshaken by Harlem Shakes break-up.

This may well be old news to some of you, but i figured some sort of post was in order to mark the end of Brooklyn's Harlem Shakes. Their hiatus in September has become a fully fledged break up to a band with some momentum going following the release of the brilliant indie rock album 'Technicolor Health'. The kind of music the band have always made doesn't really suggest to me the kind of band that could have a fall-out large enough to break up so quickly, particularly with all their successes and the relatively short time the band has been around. Now we are left with simply Todd Goldstein's long-running side project arms for our fix of Harlem Shakes members.

Arms has been around even longer than the Harlem Shakes and the latest album will be released digitally through Gigantic Records on October 27th. It goes by the name of Kids Aflame and you can watch the Youtube video of the eponymous title track below. Arms play music toned similarly to the Harlem Shakes but more as acoustic songs than the Shakes were ever known for. Arms certainly seems from the music a more personal project for Goldstein, who takes his turn to downbeat music the second he is given an opportunity. Arms are certainly shaping up to be a band to watch closely in the near future.

So finally, RIP Harlem Shakes (I am secretly holding out for a reformation) and good luck to Arms. Pick up a tribute Harlem Shakes mp3 from the latest album and a specifically cleared for posting mp3 from the new Arms album - Kids Aflame.

Arms - Kids Aflame (MP3) (taken from Kids Aflame, out October 27th)
Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3) (taken from 2009's Technicolor Health)

Also, watch them at the height of their momentum, March 2009, when all was well, performing TFO at SXSW festival.

SXSW 09 Harlem Shakes - TFO from Timothy Murray on Vimeo.

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