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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Introducing... Oh Verona!

Oh Verona are a newly formed piano pop band based in London who are garnering increased attention around the area with their intelligent, soul-infused pop music. They formed as a progression of the acoustic duo Milltown's Grace (MYSPACE) six months ago, and Jamie Ross (vocals and keys), Owen McCormack (guitar), Alex Ford (bass) and James Dean (drums) have been playing at some of London's top venues since then. They make sunny and nostalgic pop songs, as the band put it 'standing firm against the rising tide of synth driven indie.' Their two recorded tracks 'Time' and 'River' are both strong and distinctive - 'Time' begins with vocals and piano and, wasting no 'time' at all develops into a cheerful and endearing pop song. 'River' originates from far colder beginnings to do a similar kind of thing, keeping back a sinister verse before dropping in a piano-driven sing-along chorus.

You can catch this new band live at 93 Feet East, Shoreditch on 30th November 2009 for their EP support show. I'll keep services updated on any more live dates and the full EP release, but for now, check out their tracks over at myspace, and watch the space right here for a download.

This band needs photos - right now you're stuck with a picture of a hotel.

Listen HERE (Oh Verona! Myspace)

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