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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Album Preview: The National - High Violet (May 11, 2010)

The National
High Violet - (Worldwide - May 11, 2010)
4AD Records
Indie Rock/Post-Punk

The National premièred Terrible Love on Jimmy Fallon last week, and it has to be said, if the lead single is any indication of what's to come when High Violet drops in May; we've got a serious contender for album of the year on our hands. The National just don't seem to get it wrong - and with three years since their last full-length, they still have the kind of devoted fan base to sell out venues in 60 seconds. The new song marks a return to a sound closer to that of Alligator than Boxer, with emphasis on the guitars and overdrive sound rather than on Berninger's voice. With an unusually direct introduction, Terrible Love's fuzzy guitars are joined seamlessly by percussion and an idly piercing riff which barely breaks its head above water. Vocals as ever are immaculate if slightly concealed, and as we've come to expect in recent years - The National yet again conjure up unrivalled intensity without so much as a second thought. Pick up the first and second live clips from the new album below - and check Jimmy Fallon's show from last Sunday below.

The National - Terrible Love (Live) (MP3)
The National - England (Live) (MP3)

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1 comment:

  1. cant wait for their new album, thanks for this post, and new songs...they sound just great.


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