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Monday, 1 March 2010

Preview: Frightened Rabbit - The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (Mar 9, 2010)

Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land/Living In Colour
FatCat Records
The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (March 9, 2010 US/Today UK)
Indie Folk/Folk Rock/Pop

Frightened Rabbit are receiving infinitely more mainstream attention than they did back in the post-Midnight Organ Fight days. They placed top of my albums of 2008 list at a time when their rallying Scottish folk-rock had barely brushed the top of the blogosphere, with the occasional lowly tabloid feature - and now, a week before the release of their third album The Winter Of Mixed Drinks - they have taken the title of the most streamed artist on the UK Myspace chart. All of this from a band who a couple of years ago could sell out 400 strong venues across the US, whilst barely filling local pubs in Scotland or the UK. Their new album has been streaming in full for a week or so, and sounds fantastic - and although i have a few MP3s from the new one; strictly speaking i'd be breaking copyright by putting them up. So you'll have to live with the singles, which as fantastic as they are, have been around for a few months. The Winter Of Mixed Drinks drops March 9, 2010 in the US and today in the UK; expect a review in the coming days.

Full Album Stream @ FR Myspace.

Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Can't See Land (MP3)
Frightened Rabbit - Living In Colour (Marc Riley Session) (MP3) (more Marc Riley Sessions)

Pre-order The Winter of Mixed Drinks on

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful album. The bigger production and elaborate arrangements suit them well, in my opinion.


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