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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Yell Golden Ticket - Sponsored Post

Yell have come out with a great new competition and app which allows you to locate your nearest local independent record storeThere are an array of prizes to get your mitts on. These include a 55” Sony 3D TV, a surround sound system, decks, mixing lessons, to mention just a few - together worth an amazing £10,000.

First, download the App from, and then use it to locate your nearest record store. Once that's done, head down there and find a copy of Day V Lately's Classic 90s dance track Pulse & Thunder, take a photo of yourself with it and send it in. If you've done that then you're eligible for the prizes! There's a huge range on offer.

There are some more details of the Golden Ticket competition at the Yell website and facebook page (, this isn't one to miss. Such little effort, for such amazing prizes its hard to say no.

Its great to see businesses like yell keeping independent record stores open and helping people find them - and what more could you ask for in an app than this. You may even discover one in your own town which you didn't even know about - I certainly did! I know next time i'm out in town i'll be using it, I've even got a few records in mind as i'm writing this.. Alongside Pulse & Thunder of course! Good luck, hope you win something!

Terms and conditions apply. Visit to read them as well as to pick up some more information about the competition and the app.


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