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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sponsored Post: Footlocker's Sneaker Movement

Footlocker's new website, looks set to become the centre of the world's sneaker related activity, as this new bank of information on world sneaker happenings takes on board increasing number of users. The movement was started, unwittingly, by office worker Adam Smith, as caught on tape below. He wore his sneakers in to work, and when challenged, kicks up quite a fuss before he loses his job. Yes, Adam, they are beautiful!
It seems the world is going sneaker crazy!
A series of responses have been added to youtube, including some amazing sneaker street art on some Parisian steps featuring giant lace ups, lace art captured in stills courtesy of Nico via his excellent Flickr Photostream, and even a rebellious sneaker streaker running through the streets of Milan exclaiming "I love my sneakers!" to plenty of bemused Italian looks. It's A Sneaker Thing has been set up in aid of sneaker enthusiasts, who now have a hub and a place to congregate, including sneaker related blogs, comments, videos, pictures and features, and more. This sneaker hub is unmissable for any true sneaker enthusiast!
The website for It's a Sneaker Thing is located at, which you can visit for more information and to get involved with the Sneaker Movement of the world! This is literally jam-packed full of information and videos, competitions and an easy submit button for all your best stories. 
If you'd prefer, you can get involved via Facebook, or even add the man himself, Adam Smith on Facebook for an inspirational sneaker-related chat.
Other ways to get involved include checking out the as well as - there's everything from sneaker streakers to sneaker haircuts, I'm thinking of getting a mini-sneaker engraved in my hair, or perhaps even a tattoo if i'm feeling even more enthusiastic!
My favourite 'Sneak-artist' however definitely has to be guerilla artist Freehand Profit, who turns sneakers in to gas masks as part of the MASK365 project, through which he sells each pair for hundreds of dollars. Check out the post here.

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