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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Alt Track.

Alt Track are an ambient experimental drum & bass band formed in 2007 from Bradford, UK. The music refrains from conventions set down under the drum & bass tag, instead providing a wider range of tonality and instrumentation ranging from piercing overdriven guitars to crisp piano lines. I call the band experimental due to the complete lack of uniformity on their recent EP. While some songs are reminiscent of the kind of eery indie rock Menomena are known for (notably 'Pedestrianised'), others don't stray far from moog heavy house music with vocals verging on hip-hop. I have a certain fascination with these songs mostly due to the extreme range of influences this album draws on from hip-hop to electronica, indie to post-rock. 'Lazarus' features both a heavy rhythm guitar before descending into a Butterflies & Hurricanes-esque piano solo, whilst 'The End' features the more relaxed parts of the EP and also the clearest vocals. This is definitely drum & bass music with a darkened edge, exciting, unconventional, experimental and unique. The self-recorded, self-released debut EP 'A Nation Is On Fire' is available for free download on here.


  1. thanks for this bud! you're a very kind young man.

  2. easy bud, new track up on the net now!


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