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Monday, 22 December 2008

Signs of a radically new Kasabian?

Something i've always admired about British rock 'n roll band Kasabian is their ability to completely alter their songs every time they re-record them. Songs such as 'Empire' and 'Shoot The Runner' have proved easy to acousticize, and it appears Kasabian, in their rework of L.S.F (Lost Souls Forever) on the recent live lounge, have completely transformed the once urgent track into something more easy-going.

With a blues guitar part sounding more like Seasick Steve than Serge Pizzorno, vocals lose all Kasabian swagger from the original and fit more to Kasabian's description of what their eagerly awaited third album will sound like. Tom Meighan stated in an interview on the subject that:

"It all joins together which is beautiful, there’s no gaps in it, it’s very psychedelic, there’s very much elements of the first but it’s a more distant sounding Kasabian than we have been with the last two albums."

The blues psychedelia in the music behind this track, Kasabian's ability to experiment with reworks of older tracks as well as the willingness to incorporate new sounds such as dance/heavier synths in the second album is what really sets them apart from the Britpop bands such as Kaiser chiefs and Razorlight they are typically classed with. The outrageous claims they make in interviews as well as the sketchy and contradictory descriptions of their latest sound which they give in interviews (everything from 'Hip-Hop' to 'Syd Barrett') mean that the new sound really could be anything. If the end result is anything like what they describe, Kasabian will surely become a truly experimental band, and i honestly cannot wait.

Live Lounge 3 L.S.F (mp3)

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