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Sunday, 14 December 2008

White Lies.

White Lies, formed in 2007, play New Wave in a similar style to Editors or Glasvegas in taking a huge influence from Echo & The Bunnymen and Joy Division. The first single, Unfinished Business, with urgent lyrics, 80s organs and jarring baselines seamlessly turn a minimalistic post-punk approach into a dancepunk anthem reminiscent of Tom Vek or LCD Soundsystem. You can grab the single free from their website ( or alternatively an epic Haunts remix of their song 'Death' from right here. White Lies are definitely ones to watch this year, playing sold-out shows with Glasvegas in the next few days and touring the UK until mid-March.

Death (Haunts Remix) (mp3)

Pre-order upcoming ...To Lose My Life, arriving January 19th 2009.


  1. They used to be called Fear Of Flying, i saw them support JamieT in Pompey a year or two back, great band, great track called Routemaster if i remember correctly.

    Anyway, if you're going to pass yourself off as a music about you find out more about the people you are writting about and passing that on, so people get to make a more informed choice?

  2. Fear Of Flying were never as big as White Lies. The new music is much Gloomier, more post-punk and less punk, and since they changed their name, acquired two new members and reinvented their sound i figured it was pretty much a different band.
    Anyway, it can't hurt to provide a little more information, thanks.


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