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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Saintseneca, Saintseneca EP

Saintseneca are an indie folk band from the Columbus, Ohio music scene. They put out their first album at the beginning of 2009 and a new four track, the self-titled Saintseneca EP, on September 1st. They play fast paced banjo/guitar folk music with handclaps and twee vocals, with stomping singalong chorusses and simple vocal melodies to match. According to the myspace, they'll play anywhere that 'it echoes, and there's a good floor to stomp on.'

They are currently on mini-tour around Ohio in support of the EP, which now available on Itunes (at full price) and on Paper Brigade, where you can name your own. Promo single God Bones is gorgeously catchy - twee folk at its finest. Furious high pitched strumming starts off the song at a high tempo, before huge percussion and violins present both a folk music anthem and a clear cut lead single from the EP. At two and a half minutes, it captures everything Saintseneca are about, tight strumming, fluid vocals, great lyrics and an endless repertoire of instruments.

Saintseneca - God Bones (live)

Saintseneca are definitely a band to keep watch on. You can stream, or buy, the full EP from Paper Brigade Digital, and hear the rest of their music at the myspace page. You can download a collection of their material from earlier this year in RAR format from OHYM.

Saintseneca EP from Amazon.

Saintseneca - God Bones (MP3) (from the Saintseneca EP)
Saintseneca - Coldwater History (MP3)

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