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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

NEW TRACKS - The Swing Movement

The Swing Movement are a British indie rock band i have favourably mentioned before, they do what they do, dynamic and fast-paced indie rock revival, very well indeed. For the bio, you can check out the original post (from September) - for the new tracks, which, in time, you will come to realise is the real reason you are here, head over to their new blog/website THE WAY THE DEAD LOVE. It's a nice little site with a few photos on it; the simple layout proved far harder for me than it should have been though - it took me a scary amount of time to realise that the tracks are embedded in the pictures...

The new tracks are more of the same, some darker, all heavily accented - and there's a couple more instruments, Notes Of Defiance has a very post-rockish tremolo echoing behind acoustic guitaring and some ever-present and Turner-esque vocals. Fighting Freakshow Circus is bassy and dancy, the regular beat turns it into both the most obvious pop song of the selection and a solid track. Tarantula is vaguely shoegazy and definitely the most experimental of the tracks, the quirky riff is engulfed by the rest of the music but catches attention behind The Swing Movement's new acoustic guitar's emergence.

Grab tracks HERE.

Visit Myspace HERE.

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