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Monday, 7 September 2009

Introducing.. The Swing Movement

The Swing Movement is a Leeds based indie rock band, with sound somewhere between that of first album Arctic Monkeys and darker northern indie rock bands such as Kubichek! and Forward Russia! Their more downbeat sections sound not unlike an early Oasis, frequented by chaotic garage rock aggression the former always lacked. The Swing Movement's influences are fairly clear, they make no secret of the British indie rock scene they slide right in to, but their rough vocal swagger and 'music to be played loud' overdriven progressions are enough to make anyones absent-minded gig-going head nod.

They recorded their debut album in November 2008 with Jay Reynolds and Richard Formby (Wild Beasts producer) and have already played slots at Leeds festival 2007, and support slots with the impressive roster of Esser, Yeasayer, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Team Waterpolo, Sons & Daughters and Screaming Lights amongst others. They quote their influences as Nina Simone, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, and The Velvet Underground and to an extent this is evident, but the Swing Movement definitely put their own unique 2008 stamp on every note they hit. Streaming lead lines and crunching guitars back up perfectly the widely reported stage presence of singer/guitarist Ben Walker.

In terms of tours, they have intermittent tour dates through to Christmas around Sheffield, London and Bradford, and currently there is no news on a new album. However, from a band with such consistent material under their belts, there is surely more to come. The Swing Movement are surely destined for a good level of success.

For a taster, you can either listen to the music on their Myspace or download the fantastic 'Jigsaw' below.

The Swing Movement - Jigsaw (Mp3) (from Freak Show Circus)

I would include a buy link in this post, if only i could find one!

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