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Friday, 18 September 2009

Menomena's Danny Seim announces Lackthereof Greatest Hits

The quite remarkable Danny Seim has for eleven years been recording tapes (and later CDs) for his solo project Lackthereof - who originally began in 1998 - 2 years before his now-main project Menomena. Now, whilst the latter linger on their third album, Seim and Lackthereof have completed full length album number 9, 2008s Your Anchor (review); to be followed by A Lackthereof Retrospective 1998-2008 or A Christian Emo Twentysomething, his 10th full length release via FILMGuerrero.

The album will be available via selected digital retailers and on CD and will contain 20 new illustrations from the prolific part-time Menomena drummer, whose dark yet upbeat mix of post-punk, art rock and dreary indie experimentalism has been confusing Menomena fans for years.

Read early posts of Menomena - Friend & Foe or Lackthereof - Your Anchor, and pick up a sample mp3 from below, check the MYSPACE and watch this Amazon based space for a pre-order of the new album, out on October 13th.

- Safely In Jail (MP3) (taken from Lackthereof Retrospective 1998-2008)
Lackthereof - Locked Upstairs (MP3) (taken from Your Anchor)

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