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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Come On Gang!

Come On Gang! are a Scottish 3 piece band formed at Edinburgh Art College in 2007. They make punchy pop music with punky guitars, easy melodies and the Marling-esque vocals of drummer Sarah Tanat Jones. Her shaken but strong voice elaborates over the quirky post-punk melody lines, fast-paced riffs and 3-part chants - Come on Gang! sound like Laura Marling singing on a Maccabees demo, with one give-away strand of pure garage rock shining through on occasion. As the myspace self-classification of Pop/Lyrical/Post-Punk suggests, this consistently upbeat pop band have a distinctly guitar pop edge, which in no way detracts from their lyrical and compositional maturity.

They formed in June 2007 and have already played a series of festivals and dates around Scotland and London. They played Reading & Leeds festival's BBC Introducing.. Stage, as well as SXSW in Texas, The Great Escape & Hinterland. They have two singles out, Start The Sound and Wheels, but no news of an album or any release date. Catching them live or buying their music whilst they remain album-less might be difficult, but is definitely worth it - but even if you find yourself restricted to their MP3s, it will brighten up your morning and stick in your mind.

(I was at this performance - you will see the Laura Marling vocal comparison loud and clear)

Come On Gang! - Wheels (MP3) (taken from the Wheels single)

Buy the music through the MYSPACE.

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