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Monday, 7 September 2009

Introducing.. It May Never End

It May Never End is the solo post-rock project of Australian Neil Spicer. His music takes the form of atmospheric and uplifting post-rock in the vein of This Will Destroy You and Explosions In The Sky, and i'm not simply pulling these out as examples of well known post-rock bands. Spicer pulls off their sound almost perfectly. He is currently unsigned and has been making music under the It May Never End name since last November.

The 12-minute masterpiece Last Light could quite easily be mistaken for the next This Will Destroy You release - as could any of his tracks. What 4 members create in a studio is quite comfortably equalled by the lone part time Australian musician. His music is euphoric and awe-inspiring, the tearing outros unpredictable from the intermittent guitar plucks of the intros. What emerges from the flattened and ambient intros is a selection of disorientating and brightened melodies, awash with reverbial and heavily delayed instrumentals. Last Light as a track takes a darkened turn towards the latter part of the song, Sigur Ros style semi-ambient organs enter on cue for a loud and thrilling ambient thrash outro. It May Never End truly wears its influences on its sleeve, but Neil Spicer has come out with a free EP of very solid music (minus a few minor mixing misjudgements), which is well worth a listen.

You can visit the Myspace here, where the link to the full (and 100% free) album appears to be dead - or the facebook, where as far as i can see its still live.

Alternatively, pick up the fantastic Last Light from below (via mediafire).

It May Never End
- Last Light (MP3) (taken from Such Is Life)

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