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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Three Trapped Tigers

Not only is Three Trapped Tigers a successful book by Cuban writer Guillermo Cabrera Infante, it is also a slightly less famous post-rock trio from London, UK. It definitely says something about them that they are touring with post-rock pioneers 65daysofstatic, as if their glitchy techno beats and Aphex Twin inspired IDM electronica didn't say enough. You definitely cannot fault their work ethic either - within a few weeks of forming as a band they had recorded their first EP together, and within seconds they had named their tracks after numbers from 1 through to 5. Two EP's and a 7" single down the line since they started out in Winter 2008, and the BBC has already named them 'One of the most exciting UK bands to emerge in 2009.' If they're keeping their short and simple naming system up, we're now waiting on a song number '10' - as well as news of an album which i am sure many in the business will eagerly receive.

Three Trapped Tigers - "1" via Blood and Biscuits records.

When they aren't touring with post-rock bands, they have spent time playing shows with chillout electronica artist Gold Panda (who i am a particular fan of), Crystal Antlers and The Phantom Band in and around London. They are currently on tour in Germany with 65daysofstatic and later France and the UK with Volcano the Bear. They are signed to, and release all their material and merchandise through London based DIY label Blood and Biscuits records.

As for sound, Three Trapped Tigers don't sound anything like the name suggests - if anything they are breaking free of convention, rather than being 'trapped'. I often refrain from calling bands truly ecletic, since no artist can take influence from everything, but TTT do a good job of taking influence from more places than most. In their mix they use elements of post-rock, IDM, math rock and british indie rock. They sound somewhat like a full band version of Four Tet doing his own post-rock version of a Foals song using the equipment Battles use in their live show.

Three Trapped Tigers on MYSPACE.

Ep2 on Amazon

Three Trapped Tigers - 6 (MP3) (taken from EP2)
Three Trapped Tigers - 9 (MP3) (taken from EP2)

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