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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Odawas - Harmless Lover's Discourse

Odawas - The Blue Depths (Feb 17, 2009)
(Dream Pop/Ambient/Folk)

have three albums to date, ranging back as far as 2003's Aether Eater, and as far forward as February 2009, where The Blue Depths became Jagjaguwar's third full length Odawas release. Its an album of swirling post-folk music, with electronic string arrangements and airy, synthesized euphoria. Filled with Sunday night sounds, this is a concise yet trippy album of awe and childish wonder, revealing more about itself with each listen.

Michael Tapscott
mans the microphones and the guitar, and his musical partner Isaac Edwards deals with the experimental backing through everything from synths to keys to setting the structure. The sound on the synthesizers isn't far off from that of M83, but the way it is used is quite different - whilst the latter operate with a determined purpose and grand execution - Odawas appear more concerned with what doesn't feature than what does. The music constantly keeps you wondering what is still to come - and what does come is beautiful. Their execution is grand in an essentially different way.

The feel of these songs is predominantly choral and folky; Odawas most of the time sound more like an early morning Fleet Foxes drug trip than an indie pop band. Their music, particularly on this album, falls quite comfortably within the realms of psychedelia, and at no point does it look back. Occasionally Edwards will add some hazy percussion to the mix - driving forward his songs to step out of their comfort zone to grab your attention. It is only then this album looks for you. Harmless Lover's Discourse (MP3 below) is about as proactive as Blue Depths gets.

Finally, the Virginia born duo recently recorded an acoustic (well, minus the electronics) daytrotter session in October, featuring live versions of new tracks in the studio. Take a listen and download them via the daytrotter website.

File Next To - Fleet Foxes, The Blue Nile, Slowdive

Odawas - Harmless Lover's Discourse (MP3)

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