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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Danananananana......CBA with the rest.

Dananananakroyd (I hope, but very much doubt i've spelt that correctly) are a scottish fight pop band who have just re-defined the limits of how 'punk' my music taste is. I'm always one to avoid fast-paced and unsubtle, heavy guitars with simple, loud overdriven riffs and melodies but something about their song 'Pink Sabbath' has made me re-think. Don't get me wrong, this band is not a simple pop punk band.
The Scottish six-piece have toured with the subtle electro band Foals alongside the eccentric, but nevertheless extremely entertaining Wild Beasts in 2008. They have also played with Holy Fuck and Johnny Foreigner, and Kaiser Chiefs in early 2009. Their musical ties are widespread and mainstream, with bassist Laura Hyde married to the Futureheads' Barry Hyde.
They have an upcoming album, optimistically titled 'HEY EVERYONE', due out April 8th. The music is uplifting and euphoric, and ultimately simple, with the scratchy main riff and manic two-man drumming underneath harsh sounding electric guitars comparable to other famous Scottish noise pop bands such as We are the PHYSICS.

Pick up 'Pink Sabbath' below, as well as a token We are the PHYSICS track. Watch the video for the Danananakroyd single also just below.

Pink Sabbath (mp3)
We are the PHYSICS
You Can Do Athletics BTW (mp3)

Buy We are the PHYSICS (Amazon)
Danananakroyd (Amazon)

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