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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Revisiting Visiter, an album which, unlike it's writers, definitely isn't extinct.

It seems like all the hype which surrounded The Dodos' album 'Visiter' after it's July 2008 release is finally extinct, and with still no word on any new material or musical activity, I thought it as good time as any to dig back to one of 2008's best indie folk albums.

'Visiter' is very difficult to place, and that's what i like about it. Leaving the description at simply 'indie folk' would be misleading and a gross understatement. Twanging folk riffs (brought about mainly due to Meric Long's unique and unorthodox fingerpicking style) over frantic rhythms and quickpaced percussion, combined with psychedelic and warming vocals are only the start; this album features influences from everywhere, from West African drumming to folk psychedelia and metal.

The music has a raw, chaotic effect which often begins relatively calm, but through curling riffs, violent background strumming, and manic bass drum lines forcing up tension, builds into an extremely satisfying release of freak-folk rock which I deem well worth a mention even 9 months down the line.

And please do have a listen, I leave you with two of the loudest..

Jodi (mp3)
Red and Purple (mp3)
Buy (Amazon)

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