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Monday, 16 February 2009

They claim they can cook, but they also make pretty amazing dance music.

Grafton Primary are another electro band from Australia made up of Brothers Ben and Josh Garden and live drummer Robbie Mudrazija. In the last couple of years they've attracted attention mainly in Australia for their large repertoire of live venues and remixes of Faker (which has led to a touring support slot with the band), Via Tania, and Dukes of Windsor. Hey Now and Miami Horror have both remixed their track 'I Can Cook' with hilarious and contrasting results. They've had a 2007 EP named Relativity and a 2008 album by the name of Eon, on rotation on Australian alternative radio station Triple J.

Eon (import) (Amazon)
I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix) (mp3)
I Can Cook (Hey Now Remix) (mp3)

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