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Thursday, 19 February 2009

New Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' slow but steady transition to electronic music has taken another definitive step after they released their new single 'Zero' this week. The new song takes a calmer vocal from Karen O and dubs it loudly over the quiet, but intriguing shoegaze guitar/synth line the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have written. The music behind sounds not unlike a slightly more garage rock Tv On The Radio, with a much more regular beat, building up into an 'All My Friends - LCD Soundystem' driving force, or a wall of sound effect Spiritualized or The Jesus and Mary Chain would be proud of. I actually can't get over the huge departure Yeah Yeah Yeah's have made from their previous intrumentation. They are unfazed by abandoning their roots; although they retain that clear Pixies Garage Rock sound which they are famous for, they've stepped into the realms of shoegaze and even electronica, and i love it.

New Album " It's Blitz " is out on April 14th 2009.

Zero (mp3)

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