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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A Fiction Family.

Fiction Family is a relatively new collaboration between the frontman of Switchfoot Jon Foreman and the guitarist from progressive acoustic trio Nickel Creek, Sean Watkins whose debut album 'Fiction Family' came out on January 20th 2009. They make short and abrupt pop songs with a distinct folk influence and fingerpicked acoustic guitar over a bass-heavy, 3 minute indie pop template. One of the reasons this band caught my attention other than the Switchfoot connection was the clear and undeniable similarities with the fantastic Liverpool anti-folk trio Peter and The Wolf. The folk influences, the rounded chord changes and particularly the voices are uncannily similar, pure coincidence probably..

I've uploaded mp3s of them both so have a listen and compare!

Peter and the Wolf
White Noise (mp3)
Moon To The Sea (mp3)

Fiction Family
When She's Near (mp3)

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