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Monday, 11 January 2010

Dirty Projectors drop new 7" single 'Ascending Melody'

(Indie Pop/Acoustic/Experimental)

'Ascending Melody' to me is not only the title of Dirty Projectors latest (FREE) 7" single, I also find (maybe you do too?) that if one was to step up to the challenge of summing up the rather erratic Brooklynites' unique sound with just two words, there would be few better candidates than the title of this early 2010 musical treat. Its a limited edition digital release from the Projectors taken directly from the coveted Bitte Orca sessions, and features a previously unheard of track with an equally unheard B-side, titled respectively 'Ascending Melody' and 'Emblem of the World'. Keeping the lazy of us in mind, Dave Longstreth and friends have manufactured and distributed a widget with the sole purpose of helping you download the single, which I strongly advise that you do, immediately.

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