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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Dreamwave on Dreamwave - Washed Out remixes Small Black's Despicable Dogs.


Long Island shoegaze duo Small Black and Pitchfork favourite Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, have tallied up their fair share of mentions on my blog before; but the latest news of their activity has combined what were once seperate bouts of journalistic enthusiasm into a unison of musical greatness. On their latest Small Black/Washed Out 7" single there's one of the first great remixes of the new decade in the form of Washed Out's take on Small Black's Despicable Dogs
. It's a far more electronic and even more distant take on a song that sounded far enough out for most to deal with before it was re-manipulated, and the new version takes what was a sleek shoegazing anthem and makes it into a subtle, Big Pink style hypnotic dance track. Its not one to miss if psyched-out electronica is what you're into, and for that reason alone, the MP3 is now up.

Small Black - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) (MP3)

Buy the Small Black EP or the Split 7" on, or far cheaper at PureGroove.

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