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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Introducing.. Gigi


are a band of collaborators spawned in 2005 by songwriter Nick Krgovich and producer Colin Stewart, who after the former's acquisition of two authentic 60s plate reverbs back in summer 2005 figured that their time had come to create some authentic sounding 60s showtune pop songs. Citing Phil Spector and "The Brill Building Sound" as their influences, the duo proceeded to feature guest collaborators on every single one of the resultant tracks, which in turn contributed to a collection of these recordings, under the moniker of Maintenant, due out January 26th on Tomlab records.

In terms of recording history there's a hell of a lot of big names scattered around, many of which make their way on to the tracklisting - Stewart has produced The Cave Singers, Black Mountain and Destroyer in his Vancouver based studio and Krgovich is a full-time member of NO KIDS. In true Dangermouse & Sparklehorse fashion, with all of these industry links and footholds they've gained themselves a whole host of prestigious guest appearances including Owen Pallet of Final Fantasy, Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls as well as Katie Eastburn, Rose Melburg and Karl Blau.

With the sole aim of professing their lust for the sensibility of 60s popular music and recreating the same inspirations that launched the hit parade around that time, ideas naively spawned in just 2005 - they could never have known just how well-timed the context of the debut album would eventually turn out to be. Coming at a time when 60s influences can be heard in just about every element of contemporary music - from the alternative pop/rock musicianship of Kasabian's latest album through to emerging artists like Best Coast, Girls, and their seniors M. Ward and Adam Green, Maintenant comes at a time where its success is somewhat guaranteed. If all goes to plan the end of January, a month which also plays host to Four Tet's There Is Love In You, could turn out to contain quite a few early contenders for album of the year.

There's not a lot in the way of tracks knocking about for our eager ears to hear - they've done a fairly good job of keeping the anticipation high by only letting four tracks loose through the myspace. I've managed to get hold of a couple of tasters in the form of MP3s, which I've attached below. Strolling Past The Old Graveyard features Karl Blau and provides us with a mellowed out intro, quickly developing into a regular downbeat 60s revivalist anthem. No My Heart Will Go On is all together a more optimistic affair, with female vocals of Chorus not leaving us sold short at the slightest. It works comfortably and originally within the 3 minute retro hit-parade pop song formula, building in intensity with brass and tight strung backing music. Gigi are recycling old ideas and inspirations into new music of an unseen quality, and look set to stun the world with this release. When it comes time to purchase said release, a cash advance can place it in your hands that much quicker.

File Next To - (Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse/Phil Spector/Kinks)

Gigi - No, My Heart Will Go On (w/ Chorus) (MP3)
Gigi - Strolling Past the Old Graveyard (w/ Karl Blau) (MP3)

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