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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Introducing.. Fez (Unsigned)

(Indie Rock/Indie Pop/Alternative)

British guitar pop music is never something i've been a huge fan of; I like it when it finds me, but i never find myself making a conscious effort to actually hunt it down or listen to it, let alone buy it. Fez (or their latest recordings) are currently in the process forcing me to rethink, and for that reason, they are definitely a first for me in that sense - even though they definitely aren't a first in any other. They draw elements of all the bands who have gone before them, and although none of what they make is particularly original, it is made in such good spirits and to such a high standard that where their influences lie becomes irrelevant. The squealing post-punk guitars and charismatic four-part vocals make for an interesting compilation of the best bits of The Maccabees, Talking Heads and even more modern contemporaries such as The Courteeners. From what I can gather they formed in 2005 and are currently based in London - they are not currently signed and have a fairly limited future gig schedule, but with the creation of a new myspace, a set of new tracks and some new-found internet buzz Fez could be a potential underground indie rock band to make it in 2010.

File Next To - Talking Heads/Pigeon Detectives/The Maccabees

Fez - Lowlight (MP3)
Fez - Harmonix (MP3)


  1. I think Fez are brilliant and cannot wait for them to start playing regular gigs!

  2. Looking forward to the upcoming shows!

  3. Fez will be playing live at Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross on Saturday 20th February.

    Email for more details or visit us on myspace at


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