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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Girls announce Spectrals as UK tour support


Spectrals is a British 60s influenced noise pop project fronted by one man, simply known as 'L'. Working and promoting exclusively through his myspace, he's conveniently attached a few blurred photos, as well as a handy picture of his recent Captured Tracks 7". To top it off, there's a lovely photo of his self recorded four-track cassette and a note that all of these items can be 'bought at shows'. For such a clearly unnassuming character, its a wonder how he got himself in the situation that led him to be supporting Girls on their UK tour next month - but hey, this could be his big break. In the same sort of London-DIY 'Art Fag' scene that sees PENS and MALE BONDING in the spotlight, Spectrals is just another name on the list of questionably recorded garage pop artists currently sweeping the nation. With such an incredible opportunity in his hands, it'll undoubtedly be interesting to see how he lives up come February 25.

Spectrals - Don't Mind (MP3)
Spectrals - Rot With Me (MP3)

buy on, not a chance.

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