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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Boy Eats Drum Machine. (and several other instruments by the sound of it?)

Boy Eats Drum Machine is a one man electronic music project involving Jon Ragel of Portland USA. He makes chaotic and quirky indie rock songs which crash and sample beneath his concise and unique vocal. Jon Ragel plays drums, synthesizer, organ, guitar and saxophone, as well as being a producer and expert turntablist. All these skills are packed into every track, with the end result ultimately indietronica with an outrageously catchy edge, not wildly different from fellow experimental Portlanders Menomena. He could well be someone to look out for in the next year, with his unashamed musical eccentricity and clear talent as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Catch Boy Eats Drum Machine at Kush Carpets from The Penny Jam on Vimeo below or pick up the mp3.
Boomboxxx (mp3)
Buy (Amazon)

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Boy Eats Drum Machine! Find more on his new album, "Booomboxxx" at or



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