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Sunday, 18 January 2009

Folktronica band Tunng team up with Africans Tinariwen for UK Tour.

British folktronica group Tunng have announced an unexpected collaboration for 2009 with Malian world music group Tinariwen. The Africans, best known for their performance at Glastonbury two years ago, made a name for themselves touring World music festivals but, despite a reasonable level of interviews with the media, have met resistance from press unable to embrace a non-english speaking act. The are said to be the first musical group of their descent to use Electric guitars, but sing in a distinct African style with minor western/funk musical influences. Tinariwen combined with Tunng's chilled folktronica should prove an interesting collaboration to say the least. Tunng are known for their laid back introvertive folk riffs, scratchy sampling and low eery computerised electronic beats. Lyrics, unlike Tinariwen, are often psychedelic and monotonous, compared with the African/soul style we see from the Malian band. Tour dates are listed below, as are mp3s, ready for all to dwell on how this rather extreme crossover of styles might turn out.

Tale From Black (mp3)
Assouf (mp3)
Buy Tunng (Amazon)
Buy Tinariwen (Amazon)

18/03/2009 - De La Warr Pavilion - Bexhill On Sea
20/03/2009 - Manchester University - Manchester
21/03/2009 - The Picture House - Edinburgh
23/03/2009 - Leeds Irish Centre - Leeds
26/03/2009 - Koko - London


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