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Friday, 9 April 2010

Album Preview: Hurts - TBC (August 16, 2010)

TBC (August 16, 2010)

I've been putting off pointing out Hurts on the blog ever since I first got an earful of Wonderful Life - the debut single from the Manchester synth pop band pictured above. The brand of slick chrome synths, well-spoken vocals and dance beats which have been slowly sifting through the net from this band since late last year appear all set to be Radio 1 favourites for this summer. The debut album (title TBC) follows the release of single, Better Than Love in May, and the video premiere April 26th.

Unfailingly kitted out in suits, and with hair permanently slicked back, clothing styles are not the only influence the Manchester based duo picked up from a stay in Italy a year or so ago. They claim to have been inspired by Italian slow-disco (disco lento), an influence which whilst setting them apart from their more 'rough round the edges' projects of previous years, also had a profound effect on their music. But this is not to say synthpop and disco music were new to them. Daggers supported Gary Numan on his UK Tour in 2008, and other project Bureau was similarly inspired by Depeche Mode and other bands of the era. Hurts however, is different, the music projecting emotion through polished and stylish synthpop, the forward thinking electronic innovation of other contemporaries such as Delphic, and a wise beyond years attitude which makes for what is rumoured to be an intense and convincingly-acted live show. With debut due out in the middle of summer, a spot on the NME Radar Tour for next month, and the BBC behind them - Hurts seem like a dead certainty for increased and well-deserved exposure this year.

Hurts - Wonderful Life (MP3)
Hurts - Illuminated (MP3)
Hurts - Better Than Love (MP3) (90 Second Preview - **Highly Recommended**) props to pinglewood.

Buy Wonderful Life [Vinyl] single on

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