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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Midweek Round-Up #22/4 - Two Door Cinema Club, Best Coast, Lissie + more

Blog-favourite Best Coast really knows how to build hype - she dropped three new tracks last week on the Something In The Way EP (pick up two of them below) before going on to announce last week that her new single, featuring new tracks 'Far Away' and 'Everyone's Gone' will drop May 3 via Eskuche Headphones. She will also play Camden Crawl and Great Escape Festival 2010 as well as more than 25 other dates across Europe in May, on what is shaping up to be a potential breakthrough tour for the lo-fi pop duo. As if all this wasn't enough, the video for "When I'm With You" (featuring Ronald Mcdonald) has also premiered on MTVU - and you can watch it below. All these tasters, and still no album confirmed - just how much more can she play with us?

Best Coast - Something In The Way (MP3)
Best Coast - The Road (MP3)

Two Door Cinema Club's US tour with Phoenix begins this Saturday, and as if to mark the celebration ensuing from the undeniable success of last month's Tourist History, Kitsune has dropped us a lovely remix of Something Good Can Work courtesy of The Twelves. I've also included song What You Know, because as far as what I know goes - this song hasn't left my head for days. As much as I've tried to dismiss this band as 'NME friendly indie pop', I just know that when Reading Festival comes around I'm going to welcome the opportunity to see them play with open arms. Their debut album might just be my next purchase - and if you want to make it yours, look no further - Tourist History on

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix) (MP3)
Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (MP3

In a new cover that couldn't more opposite to her last, Lissie Maurus (stage name Lissie) moves from Lady Gaga to Metallica for her latest cover - with an acoustic rendition of 'Nothing Else Matters'. On what Myspace are calling a 'Myspace Exclusive', even though she played it at SXSW and its all over Youtube, Lissie brings Metallica's anger down to acceptable levels.

In terms of new albums - there's a full album stream available of The Hold Steady's Heaven Is Whenever (due  May 4, 2010 via Vagrant/Rough Trade) and LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening (due May 17, 2010 via Parlophone). Crystal Castles self-titled album number two, originally slated for a June release, has been pushed forwards following a leak to tomorrow (4/23). The National's new album has also leaked, and I can proudly say I haven't indulged, and don't intend to - despite this being the release I am most excited about from this year to date. Like good honest citizens, you can pre-order High Violet from on this link.

This Is Happening on
Heaven Is Whenever on

LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change (MP3)
The Hold Steady - The Sweet Part Of The City (MP3)
The National - Afraid of Everyone (MP3)

Looking to the week ahead, Monday sees the release of Performance's new single The Living, which you can listen to on this handy Soundcloud link. I feel a comparison to Cold Cave is appropriate - the euphoric electro lead line certainly sounds like something the New York duo would come out with, but this time mixed with Manchester vocals akin to other bands of the city such as The Whip, who incidentally were produced by band member Joe Cross. Another member co-wrote the upcoming Hurts album (which I've already featured) - and formed an 80s inspired side project called Kiss In Cities. The whole overdriven pop effect of this band  is huge and well worth a listen, so please do. As I mentioned earlier, 5-tracks are available via Soundcloud.

1 comment:

    "RUF - 00110001 Fidget 2010"


    01 Destroy Disco - Here it Comes (Malente RMX)
    02 Djedjotronic - Gum Attack
    03 Costello - Bitchy Skills (Lazy Rich RMX)
    04 Xaruf - You Get This (Dopefish Mix)
    05 Spencer & Hill - Cool (Afrojack RMX)
    06 Mightyfools - I Said (Original Mix)
    07 Soda 'n' Suds - Fuck House (Kill Frenzy Headbanging RMX)
    08 Daz The Dominant - Connect The Dots
    09 Tom Geiss, Eric G & Stephen Pickup - Get Up (Afrojack RMX)
    10 Ludacris - Move Bitch (Disco Villians RMX)
    11 Mini Mode - Process (Manuel de la Mare RMX)
    12 NONEWYORK - Cocaine Bassline (Angel F. to the Point Mix)
    13 Gooseflesh - Driver
    14 Circuit Freq - The Filth (Will Bailey RMX)
    15 Dj Antention - Fire in the Sky (Original Mix)
    16 Felix Cartal - Skeleton (Pance Party RMX)
    17 Sidneys Samson - Riverside (Peo de Pitte Rerub)
    18 Zodiac Cartel - Klappyn
    19 Underhall - Undersand
    20 Dj Riky B - Bass Reflex
    21 Alex Gopher - Handguns (Dada Life RMX)
    22 His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Original Mix)
    23 Lrm Libex - Liftered (Original Mix)
    24 Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Neo Tokyo RMX)
    25 Punx Soundcheck - Cassette (Neo Tokyo RMX)
    26 Phonat - Love Hits the Fan
    27 Dopefish - Common Loon (Timoshii RMX)
    28 Aspin, Dipace and Luvstuff - You Too
    29 Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
    30 Sasha Wins and Igor Shep - Cogwheel
    31 Droid Sector - Black Dimension
    32 Tek-One - Bug
    33 High Rankin feat. Gyto - How Many Records
    34 High Rankin - Stab Vests and Hotpants
    35 SebastiAn - Threnody (Capt & Cooked Edit)
    36 Digitalism - Taken Away
    37 Circuit Freq - The Filth (Mr. White RMX)
    38 Tom Piper & Nic Corelli - Indisco
    39 Egonoise - Dirty Down Town Anthem
    40 Idiot Boys - Fuck Zoovers (Original Mix)
    41 Belzebass - Craked
    42 Baskerville Elten - Reloaded
    43 Council Estate Supermodels - Travolta Fever (Lazy Rich RMX)
    44 Felix Cartal - Volcano (Felix Cartal RMX)
    45 Kill Me - Deadly Punch
    46 Autodidakt - 15 Seconds (Gtronic RMX)
    47 The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunkers RMX)
    49 Costello - Push That System (Lazy Rich RMX)
    50 Redman - I Hold The Crown (His Majesty Andre RMX)
    51 Dj Abram - Fuckin Ass (Extended Mix)
    52 Deadbots - Watch Yo Back (DJ Bam Bam RMX)
    53 Santiago & Bushido - Way Back (HiJack RMX)
    54 Dubbel Dutch - Infinite Decimal
    55 Harvard Bass - 81 (PeaceTreaty Goes to Holland RMX)
    56 Tony Thomas - Depth Charge
    57 Pan Pot - Confronted
    58 Danny Soundz - Jack It Up
    59 Abe Duque & Blake Baxter - What Happened (Marc Romboy Rerub)
    60 Marc Adamo & Tim Healey - Ghetto Blaster (Calvertron RMX)
    61 Mr. Oizo - Positif
    67 Mr Hart - ParanoiK
    68 Olivier Giacomotto - Glitter Queen (Kid Dub RMX)
    69 Gathy - Drop the Bass (Angy Kore RMX)
    70 Richard Seeley - Rika (Original Mix)
    71 Rondo Parisiano - Something a la Mode (Donovan RMX)
    72 Cryptonites - Boots Electric
    73 Make The Girl Dance - Kill Me (The Toxic Avenger RMX)
    74 Soda 'N' Suds - We Do It Again
    75 Knuckles - Don't Look Back
    76 Eclier - Boxon Say Hello (Radial RMX)
    77 Jacuzzi Hi-Dive - Let's Groove
    78 The Proxy - Dancing in the Dark (Dubstep Refix)
    79 Vaski - Release Her
    80 Vaski - Resonate
    81 Steve Aoki feat. Zuper Blahq - I'm in the House
    82 Steve Aoki - I'm in the House (The Count RMX)
    83 John Roman - Ready For This (Original Mix)
    84 Tom Deluxx - Reactivate
    85 The Proxy - Who Are You? (The Bloody Beetroots RMX)
    86 Moonbootica - The Ease (Chris Krawall Mix)
    87 Florence & The Machine - You've Got the Love (Club Edit)


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