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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Album Preview: Ratatat - LP4 (June 8, 2010)

XL Recordings

Wolf Parade are joined in the new singles club this week by Ratatat, who also pleasantly surprised most with "Party With Children" from the upcoming LP4. With a distinctly European feel behind some of the percussion and sequences on this track, one help but consider whether this is going to be truly representative of the LP. The answer I can't tell you (yet), but if this is anything to go on, the new album is going to be very strong indeed. As ever, winding energetic instrumentals characterised by the NY duo are accompanied by afro-beat percussion, lead guitar wails and streaming synthesizers; however this time around there's a distinctly Spanish beat and feel behind the music. As weird as this sounds, I'm going to stand by it, even if the kind of sound I meant fades out as the song goes on. Hear and judge for yourself below.

Ratatat - Party With Children (MP3) (from LP4, due June 8, 2010)
Pre-order Lp4 on
Ratatat on Myspace.

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