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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Introducing.. Geotic

Baths (previous posts) is relatively new to me personally, but it seems his association with ambient chillout goes back further than I figured. Formerly a member of chilled out folk act Post-Foetus, Will Wiesenfeld's other side project - known as Geotic, also delved pretty deeply into electronic experimentalism. Combining deep electronic whirrings with occasional falsetto and soft-edged overdubs, Geotic sounds just like the chill-wave artists of today in their early form. Ambient dance music "but without the big beats" is as close as my descriptions go.

Why am I telling you all of this? Its because Geotic offer pretty much the whole selection of recordings, albums, and EPs for free via their Angelfire page, and if you're a fan of the relaxing side of Will Wiesenfeld's production, I couldn't recommend you a better way of spending your next five minutes. If you've got another spare moment, then Post-Foetus are more direct and acoustic based, and are equally as brilliant.

Geotic - Ex-Doctrine (MP3) (from Winter Loops EP)
Geotic - Gryffindor Mixer (MP3) (from Duchenne Smile)
Baths - Hall (MP3) (from Cerulean)

Baths on Myspace Music
Post Foetus on Myspace Music
Download albums by Geotic via Angelfire

Cerulean on Vinyl via (June 22, 2010) 

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