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Friday, 7 May 2010

Mount Kimbie // James Blake - "Maybes"

Supposedly 'dubstep' remains a relatively unheard of phenomenon in the United States; I find this extremely hard to believe, but also strangely liberating - giving me the vague hope that one day the teen craze will, eventually, blow over. Music in clubs and parties, ninety percent of the time, depends entirely what uninspiring and unoriginal recording Skream and Benga and their adrenaline-fuelled band of imitators have recently come out with - and to be honest, its just boring.

Mount Kimbie mix it up a bit, and because I'm not unshakeably opposed to the genre in itself (just the way people abuse it), I think they do a fantastic job of what they do. They've done remixes for Foals, The XX, and The Big Pink in the past year and are doing pretty much a European tour in Summer, including a date with Caribou. The latest news on them is that James Blake has remixed Maybes (2009)

With a heavily manipulated, eery opening chord-sequence, which almost runs dry before dropping into 2-step, the remix gives a Burial-esque slow-build track a somewhat turbulent finish, with glitch-sections, shoegaze noise and scattered idm beats.

Their new remix EP, with contributions from big names FaltyDL, Instra:mental and the man himself, James Blake, came out on April 19, and is available from HotFlush recordings.

Mount Kimbie - Maybes (MP3)
Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix) (MP3)

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