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Monday, 17 May 2010

Album Preview - Wintersleep // New Inheritors

"New Inheritors" is the name of both the new album and the wonderful new single from Canadian indie rock band Wintersleep. Originally scheduled to be out today in the UK/Europe and tomorrow in the US, the band's fourth album, and first in two years, is now anticipated for June 1. Title song "New Inheritors" is reminiscent of crisp-clean US alternative guitar pop, with light brass sections, funk-bass and sleek lo-fi leads epithetical of the Elephant 6 collective movement. The Canadian accented vocals top it off, and the rest of the album looks sure to follow the strong example which this track has set. Pick up the new song, which is offered for free at the band's website, just below.

Wintersleep - New Inheritors (MP3) (pre-order "New Inheritors" w/Book from

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