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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trophy Boyfriend // Distant Chimes EP

Trophy Boyfriend aka Gregor Ruigrok dropped his Distant Chimes EP earlier this month, and having just picked it up, I have to say the music is as nice and optimistic as the album cover. From the predominantly rainy Ireland, TB makes nostalgic dance, Washed Out influenced chillwave with booming percussion, 80s soft synths and lo-fi production. He's stuck in some lovely Pacific-esque vocal layering on the title track, and some wonderfully fashionable lo-fi guitars feature heavily at the start of "Like You Were Frozen Just As You Were About To Speak". That is, before the hand claps turned dance percussion are submerged in swirling electronics and impassioned vocal harmonies. "Distant Chimes" begins with a long vocal phrase which loops, and before you know it, a worryingly Swedish vocal line transforms into something closer to 90s soft-synth dance music than indie pop. This guy knows exactly how to build a song, as I'm sure you'll agree. Download below, keeping tabs is strongly advised.

<a href="">Distant Chimes by Trophy Boyfriend</a>

Trophy Boyfriend - Distant Chimes (MP3)


  1. I love this alot :D
    where did you find him?

  2. Turned up in my inbox, I love it when great music finds its way to you!


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