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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Dorian Concept

Austrian based idm producer Dorian Concept has announced details of his latest LP (the follow-up to February's When Planets Explode) to be released on 9th September by strange name of Trilingual Dance Sexperience. The young Austrian has grown himself a dedicated following around the electronic scene of Vienna, forming a refreshing part of the new wave of glitchy electronica already spearheaded by Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73 and Hudson Mohawk amongst others.

His extrovertive mix of scatty beats, cut up melodies and heavy stacatto sampling have been featured in everything from digital EPs of 2005's Nouns and The Relevance of Wood and 2006's Seek When Is Her to remix work with Mickey Eats Plastic throughout 2006-7. Notable releases which followed included the production of Swedish singer Kissey Asplund's Silverlake EP, as well as a series of appearances on remix tapes and compilations such as Jay Scarlett's Circulations and Here Comes Treble. He also has a series of casual youtube videos featuring himself and a series of Korgs, Micron and Casio synthesizers.

It's a step into new territory for the young Austrian to be releasing a second full length only 6 months after his full debut emerged, but after widely positive receptions, it's one in the right direction. The teaser for the new album (and it really is a teaser!) is streamable from Vienna's Affine Records, and a full length stream of When Planets Explode is available via Kindred Spirits.

Trilingual Dance Sexperience / Tropical Hands - Teaser
When Planets Explode - Album Stream

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